Google Ads: How PPC Brand Bidding Can Benefit Your Business

Google is one of the most popular search engines with over 63,000 searches processed per second. However, many business people fail to make the most of this platform by overlooking brand bidding. If you want to know whether it is a good option for your business, you should continue reading!

Search a popular brand name through Google. What did you find out? You may notice several business websites promoting their products by targeting brand keywords of their competitors. This approach is referred to as brand bidding in which businesses strive to outdo their competition.

Here are the top 3 reasons why it is crucial for your brand:

1.     Quality Traffic

Brand bidding may not bring huge traffic to your website, but it will certainly help you attract qualified leads. It will target the audience that is genuinely interested in products or services offered by your competitors. By offering a similar product and quality experience, you can entice them to buy from you.

2.     Cost-Effective Clicks

Brand keywords usually generate traffic at a low cost because very few advertisers use this trick. However, don’t forget that you may have to pay a higher price if the competitor brand is also targeting the same set of keywords.

3.     Brand Awareness

When people search for a competitor within your industry, they may be interested in buying their products. By targeting those keywords, you can effectively raise brand awareness and direct traffic to your website.

Brand Bidding: An Example

Dyno-Rod is a well-known plumbing and drainage business. When we typed the brand name in the Google search bar, the search engine showed that 4 local businesses are competing for this keyword. The Dyno-Rod business itself is in the second position while the top, third, and fourth positions are grabbed by local competitors.

These businesses can leverage the popularity of Dyno-Rod to promote their brands and spread brand awareness. However, it is not always worth it to target competitor brand names through your website.

Brand Bidding: Is It Legal

Google has published guidelines to inform advertisers about the ethical approach to advertising. Businesses aren’t allowed to breach trademark laws, but they can target keywords used by their competitors.

In the above example of Dyno-Rod, the three other businesses are legally advertising their brands by bidding for keywords “Dyno-Rod”.

Furthermore, if you don’t want to face consequences, you should adopt the following practices:

  • Refrain from adding trademarked content in the advert copy
  • Make sure visitors don’t confuse your website with that of your competitor

Tips for Brand Bidding

If you want to use the brand name of competing businesses as website keywords, the following tips will be useful for you:

·        Don’t Aim for the Top Spot

Businesses that blindly aim to earn the top SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) spot for competitor keywords often end up bearing losses. You should rather bid a price that is affordable and aligns with your goals.

For instance, if you want to target people that may be interested in alternative brands to the company they are searching for, it would be better if your business occupies the second or third spot in search results.

·        Highlight Your Strengths

When you target competitor brand names, you shouldn’t forget to specify why your brand stands out from the crowd. After all, why would your target customers give up on the brand they are specifically looking for and turn to your business instead?

If you want to attract loyal customers of other companies, you ought to offer them something unique. You can capture their attention through low costs, quicker response, better quality or added convenience.

·        Don’t Overspend

In an attempt to gain traction, businesses spend a huge amount on bidding, but often this process only results in losses. You can’t earn the top spot for brand names of competitors unless you pay a hefty sum. It is because their entire website revolves around those keywords. If you want to earn profits and promote your brand the right way, then it’s best to stay within the budget.

·        Don’t Add Brand Keywords in the Advert

While using brand names of competitors as keywords is recommended, it is not advised to include them into adverts. Not only is it misleading for visitors, but it also goes against Google policies. Google may ban your adverts if you don’t follow the guidelines.

Moreover, it is also best to stay away from trying the dynamic keyword insertion technique. This technique automatically updates the ad text to modify the advert as per the user search for improved relevancy.

Brand bidding can significantly enhance the performance of your advertising campaigns if you are careful. If you are unsure how to get started, feel free to leave a comment with queries.

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